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As a keynoter, panelist and moderator, Hillary Brown has presented at conferences and symposia worldwide on wide-ranging topics such as green schools, masterplanning for sustainability, high performance right-of-way infrastructure, “future-proofing” infrastructure, and education for sustainability. 

Future Speaking Engagements

Invited speaker, Para Limes Conference, "Buying Time: Response to Disrupted Balance -Society at Risk,” Vienna, Austria, January 13-16

Links to Videos/Podcasts

Center for Sustainable Development, Keynote Speaker, November 14, 2015. [see minute 22 through 48 on the video]


Oculus (AIA NY Chapter) Book Talk: interview June 9, 2014


"Obama to Speak at the Tappan Zee Bridge." News 4 New York,  May 15, 2014. 


“Hurricane Sandy: Moving Forward” CUNY TV program November 12, 2012.


“Four Premises of Sustainable Infrastructure,”Interview, Post Carbon Institute. November 3, 2010



Selected Recent Presentations  (2006 to Present)

Speaker and panelist, “Coastal Futures and the Green New Deal,” Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI. April 4, 2019.

Speaker, Casa Cava Speaker Series, “Integrating Urban Infrastructure and the Circular Economy,” Basilicata Matera, Italy, November 5, 2018.

Speaker, International Conference on Urban Regeneration and Sustainability, “Region to Town: A Circular Economy,”London, UK., October 15, 2018

Speaker, 4th International Creative City – Sustainable Region (KRAFT) Conference, “A Circular Economy for Koszeg and its Bioregion: a concept for the Pannonian Region, Hungary. Institute of Advanced Studies Koszeg, Hungary, September 25, 2018, Koszeg, Hungary

Keynote speaker, University of Trento Conference on Democratic Infrastructure, “ Infrastructural Ecology: an alternative democratic development framework, Trento Italy, September 13, 2018.

Speaker, University Coimbra, Portugal,  Circular Economy Conference, “Microregional Aspects of the Circular Economy: Conceptual Plan for Koszeg, Hungary,” Trento, Italy, June 26, 2018  

Speaker,  XXIII. International Summer University, “From Global to Local Sustainability: A Circular Economy for the Pannonian Region,” Institute of Advanced Studies, Koszeg, Hungary, June 28, 2018

Panelist, Smart Cities, Towards Sustainable Infrastructure for the Circular City,  New York City, May 9, 2018

Keynote speaker, Australia Institute of Landscape Architect Annual Conference, Sydney, Australia, October 12, 2017

Speaker, 5th Annual International Conference on Sustainable Development, Sustainable Development Solutions Network, NYC, September 2017

Speaker and workshop presenter, International Creative Cities-Sustainable Regions Conference, Koszeg, Hungary, August 29 & 30, 2017

Speaker, Sustainable Development and Planning 2017, Wessex Institute, Bristol, UK. Conference paper presentation, June 2017.  

Jordan River Planning Commission Conference, Salt Lake City, UT  November 17, 2016

Distinguished Speaker, Zube Lecture Series, University of Massachusetts, School of Architecture, Landscape and Regional Planning,, October 6, 2016.

Invited Speaker, Innovative Governance of Large Urban Systems IGLUS - NYC, City College of New York September 12, 2016

Speaker and Workshop presenter, Institute of Advanced Studies, Koszeg, Hungary, September 17, 2016

Keynote Speaker, Water Resilient Cities: Adaptation to Climate Change in Infrastructure, Cleveland, OH, April 21, 2016

Invited Speaker, College of the Built Environment, University of Washington, Olympia, WA. April 5, 2016.

Invited  Speaker, Urban Land Institute, Metro & Evergreen State College Center for Sustainable Infrastructure, Portland, OR. April 4, 2016

Invited  Speaker, Urban Land Institute, Metro & Evergreen State College Center for Sustainable Infrastructure, Seattle WA. April 5, 2016

Keynote Speaker, 2016 Stegner Center Symposium, Salt Lake City, UT April 1, 2016

Center for Sustainable Development, Mamaroneck COTE, Urban Green Council, Sustainability and Resiliency Interrelationship, November 24, 2015 

Speaker, Pratt Institute, Programs for Sustainable Planning and Development, Future-proofing Critical Urban Systems. October 30, 2015

Distinguished Lecturer, School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (SALA) at University of British Columbia, September 14, 2015

Harvard University, Kennedy School, Institute of Politics. Bi-Partisan Program for New Members of Congress. Panelist in presentation on Infrastructure for the 21st Century. December 5, 2014.

International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure, paper presentation. November 8, 2014.

Long Town Hall, Seattle. Presentation and book-signing. November 4, 2014, Long Beach, CA. 

School of Architecture & Urban Planning, (SARUP Lecture Series) University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Oct. 17, 2014.

ASCE 2014 International Sustainable Infrastructure Conference. Infrastructural Ecologies: A macroscopic framework for “future-proofing” public works. Long Beach, CA. November 6, 2014.

Security and Sustainability Forum Webinar with Jaime Lerner, moderated by James Russell. Online, noon, September 25, 2014.

EcoDistricts Summit 2014. Common Ground: Unlocking the Power of Shared Spaces. Washington D.C. September 25,. 2014

VERGE Nex-Gen Buildings and Infrastructure. Future-Proofing Public Works. New York, NY Sept. 16,  2014

  AIA 2014 National Convention, Speaker. Integrated Infrastructure: design that adapts to evolving challenges.  Chicago, IL. June 26, 2014  

 San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association. Sustainable/ Resilient Infrastructure. June 11,  2014.

  San Jose Planning and Urban Research Association. Future-proofing Infrastructure. June 12, 2014. San Jose, CA 

  AIA NY Chapter. Oculus Book Talk: Hillary Brown, Next Generation Infrastructure. June 9, 2014. New York City 

   CUNY Crest Institute Summer Program “Integrated Approach to Urban Infrastructure Systems.”  June 13, 2013

   CUNY TV City University Television, Hurricane Sandy: Moving Forward. Panel discussant, November 25, 2013.

National Science Foundation, Research Coordination Network. Sustainable Infrastructure: principles for post-industrial public works. Presented in workshop entitled: Infrastructures and the Energy-Climate-Water Nexus. August 18, 2012.

SCUP 2012 (School & University Planners ) North East Regional Conference. Influences of Pedagogical Changes on Space Utilization and Sustainable Practice. Speaker, with Peter Gisolfi, AIA LEED AP, and Adrian Tuluca, R.A. LEED BD+C, New York City,  April 12, 2012

CCNY President’s Lecture Series, Human Ecology. Invited lecturer. Towards Soft-Path Water Systems: advances in resilient urban Infrastructure February 7, 2012

AIA Center for Architecture. Design for Energy: the language of sustainability. Speaker, Dec. 1, 2011

R. Buckminster Fuller Challenge: The Architect and Eco/Social Sustainability. October 12, 2011.

Museum of the City of New York. Harvesting the Sun – solar power in New York City. Program organizer, moderator,  June 20, 2011

DesignDC (regional AIA conference.) Redesigning Our Buildings, Cities, and Infrastructure in the Face of Climate Change. Speaker. June 22, 20011

Glimpses: New York and Amsterdam in 2040, Symposium. Speaker and respondent, June 11, 2011

Buckminster Fuller Challenge 2011. Urban Solution Sets: Visionary Strategies for the Future of Cities. Speaker. June 8, 2011

AIA 2011 National Convention, Speaker. Next Generation Green: sustainable infrastructure and communities. New Orleans, LA May 12, 2011  

AIA Baltimore Conference.  Infrastructure Systems and Cities: design for a changing world. Baltimore, MD. Speaker, 03/24/11.

National Renewable Energy Lab, Speaker. Bird-Safe Glazing as a Green Building Concern.  (video-conf.) March 22, 2011 

American Academy for the Advancement of Science. Respondent: Urban Design and Energy Demand: Transforming Cities for an Eco-Energy Future, panel : San Diego, CA0210

AIA Annual Convention, Manufacturing for Sustainability. Panel organizer, presenter. San Francisco. May 3, 2009

Museum of the City of New York. Eco-Cities: Building Green on a City Scale. Panelist, 2/09

University of Pennsylvania, Reimagining Cities: Urban Design after the Age of Oil. Panelist, November, 2008

US Environmental Protection Agency Green Development Program. Panelist. Nashville, TN. 2/08

Columbus Ohio Chapter, one day Green Building Workshop, Columbus, OH. 7/07

Institute for Public Leadership & Public Affairs, North Kentucky University, Half-day workshop.  Best Practices for Greening the Public Right-of-way.  4/07

University Cincinnati, College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning. Distinguished speaker:Greening the Street: high performance practices in the right-of-way, 4/07

University of Utah, School of Architecture, Green Affirmatives: emerging trends and practices in sustainable design. Distinguished speaker:  Salt Lake City, Utah. 11/06.

CNU XIV Congress for New Urbanism: Sustainability and the New Infrastructure, Panelist: City of New York’s High Performance Infrastructure Initiative. Providence, Rhode Island, 6/06

Yale University: Bringing Buildings to Life Symposium. Panel Chair/Presenter: Biophilic and Restorative Design in Theory. 5/06

Skyscraper Museum, Green Towers for New York: visionary to vernacular. Panelist, Greening Ground Zero: guidelines for downtown and beyond. New York City, 4/06

City of Chicago, Workshop for executive and senior staff on high performanceinfrastructure. Chicago, IL1/06

New York Academy of Science, Environmental Science Forum, Presenter.  Visioning Green: Advances in High Performance Sustainable Building Design, 8/05

US Green Building Council, NY Chapter. United Technologies Series. Presenter. Greening New York City’s Infrastructure: on the road to a sustainable city. New York City, 3/06