Books Authored

Infrastructural Ecologies: Alternative Development Models for Emerging Economies, (with Byron Stigge) MIT Press, 2017.

Next-Generation Infrastructure: Principles for Post-industrial Public Works. Island Press, May 2014

City of New York High Performance Infrastructure Guidelines: greening infrastructure in the public right-of-way. City of New York and the Design Trust for Public Space, 2005 Managing editor and co-author.

City of New York High Performance Building Guidelines, City of New York and the Design Trust for Public Space, 2005. Managing editor and co-author.

State and Local Government Toolkit: policy manual for city and state green building program development. US Green Building Council, 2002. Co-author.

 Selected Books Chapters

 “Co-development as Principle for Next Generation Infrastructure” in What We See: Advancing the Observations of Jane Jacobs. Elizabeth, L., and Goldsmith, S. New Village Press, 2010. 

 “Towards Net-Zero Carbon Buildings” in The Post Carbon Reader: managing the 21st Century Sustainability Crises. Heinberg, R. and Lerch D., eds.  Watershed Media Press, 2010.

 “Re-Naturing the City” in Restorative Commons: Creating Health and Well-being through Urban Landscapes. Campbell, L. and Wiesen, A. US Forest Service 2008

 “Prologue: In Retrospect.” in Biophilic Design: theory, science and practice.   Kellert, Stephen, Heerwagen Judith, Mador, Martin, eds. Wiley Press, 2008

“Building for High Performance” in Construction in Cities: political, social and environmental impacts of construction. P.J. Lancaster, Ed. CDC Publications, 2001

Selected Articles in Published Journals

"Towards a Circular Energy Economy: Cross-Sector Successes in Brazil and India," Consilience, Journal of Sustainable Development, 19 ( 2019).

“Commentary: Infrastructural Ecology: Embedding Resilience in Public Works,” Public Works Management & Policy, Vol. 24, (August 2018)

“Editorial: NextGen Infrastructure: Places of (resource) aggregation and (public) congregation,” Area Magazine, Vol. 158, (June 2018), 4-9.        

Infrastructural Ecology as a Planning Paradigm: Two Case Studies, Internat.Jrnal of Sust.Develop. and Planning, Vol. 13, No 2  (2018),187–196. 

  Lille, France's 'Virtuous Cycle' - Integration Urban Services to Valorize Waste. IGLUS (Innovative Governance of Large Urban Systems Quarterly, Vol. 3, Issues 1, (July 2017), 7-11. 

Infrastructural Ecologies: A Macroscopic Framework for Sustainable Public Works. In: Proceedings: International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure. Journal of the American Society of Civil Engineers, 2014.

A Haitian ‘Ecodistrict:’ Conceptual Design for Integrated, Basic Infrastructure for the Commune of Léogâne. (peer reviewed) Earth Perspectives – Transdisciplinarity Enabled. Journal no. 40322.(2014).

Eco-logical Principles for Next Generation Infrastructure. The Bridge.  National Academy of Engineering, Quarterly.  March 2011.

 Infrastructural Ecologies. Places: Forum of Design for the Public Realm. The Design Observer, Scholarship (Peer Reviewed.) October 2010.

 Principles for Post Industrial Public Works Engineering News Record. Guest Columnist. April/May, 2009        

Laying the Groundwork for High Performance Buildings, Metro Planner, American Planning Association, May 1998

 NYC’s Environmentally Responsible Building Guideline, Proceedings, New York Interagency Engineering Council, proceedings, 4th annual conference, May 1998.

Towards High Performance Buildings: How NYC can capture real returns from green public facilities,”Environmental and Economic Balance: the 21st Century Outlook. Proceedings, AIA/US Green Building Council conference, October 1997

 Other Selected Articles, Booklets,  Articles About and Radio Interviews

Upholding the Commons: An Alternative Approach to the Redevelopment of the Island of Barbuda, March, 2019,” City College of New York

“Strength in Integration- Infrastructures/The vision of Hillary Brown, City University. World Energy Magazine, Number 40, October 2018.

"A Circular Economy for Fonds Parisien: Infrastructure and Resource Integration for Tourism, Commerce and Employment," City College of New York, 2017.

"Greening Grand Goâv: An ntegrated Community Development Model for Grand Goâv, Haiti," City College of New York 2016.

"Sea, Sun, Soil and Salot: A "Circular Economy for Anse-Rouge, Haiti," ity College of New York 2015

"Infrastructure Master Plan for  a Sustainable, Rural College Campus: University of Les Caye, Les Cayes, Haiti."City College of New York 2014.

Infrastructural Ecologies for Fouché: multipurpose, integrated and synergistic systems.” City College of New York 2013.é-Haiti-Hillary/dp/1304346633. 

“Planning an Ecodistrict: integration of critical infrastructure proposed for the commune of Léogâne. City College of New York, 2012.

“Towards Multiplex or Next Generation Infrastructure.” Urban Transportation Research Center. City University of New York. December 2010.

Bird-Safe Building Guidelines: preventing avian mortality in structures. New York Audubon Society, 2007.  Co-Author.

Women In Green: Voices of Sustainable Design. Gould, K. and Hosey, L. Ecotone. 2007

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“Greening the Public Right-of-Way,” National Public Radio. June 10, 2005 & August 2, 2006.

 “Brown on Green,” Oculus, NY Chapter. Publication of the American Institute of Architects NY Chapter, 2005

“Teaching Green: Design with Values,” Metropolis Magazine, interview, September 2003

“The Big Green Apple,” Article and interview. Tess Taylor, Author, January 2002.

Smart Buildings for the Public Realm” in Sustainable Architecture: White Papers. Earth Pledge Foundation Series on Sustainable Development, 2000

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